CelerwayOS – mobile SD-WAN everywhere

Dashboards, statistics, alerts, configuration, and assistance through Nimbus remote administration

CelerwayOS works with any modem and any networking technology

CelerwayOS can be remotely provisioned and administered using the Nimbus router management system

CelerwayOS is hardware agnostic and runs on platforms ranging from lightweight M2M to high-performance routers and virtual machines

Real-time monitoring and flow control

CelerwayOS monitors network state, and continuously optimizes where and how traffic should flow for maximum throughput and stability.

Load balancing

Dynamic policies for load-balancing based on protocols, destinations, and clients.

Network failover

CelewayOS moves traffic and VPN tunnels transparently to the best-performing internet connection

Cloud-based administration

The Nimbus administration system simplifies monitoring and configuration of large-scale router deployments running CelerwayOS.

Phantom SD-WAN

Celerway’s Phantom SD-WAN ensures the same IP address and 100% uptime, no matter what happens to physical networks.