Bergen municipality elections, 2015 and 2017

Celerway delivered stable internet connectivity during the 2015 and 2017 municipal elections in Bergen, especially in voting locations with challenging network coverage. On election day, Celerway routers were used in more than 60 locations.

Prior the main election, during early voting, Celerway routers were used to secure network connectivity in in libraries, institutions, at IKEA and at mobile pop-up voting stations.

In stationary voting locations the router was set up to use Internet connectivity from the Bergen fiber network, the Bergen WiFi guest network, and at least one mobile network – either TDC and Netcom. In some voting locations it was not possible to get satisfactory cellular network coverage inside the voting locations. In these cases an extra Celerway router was set up outside the voting location, and connected to the Celerway router inside via WiFi.

One Friday (2015) during the pre-election, the fixed-line internet connectivity in Bergen was inaccessible for several hours. The Celerway routers continued to provide uninterrupted Internet connectivity using mobile broadband. The election was therefore not impacted.

Bergen municipality ordered 65 Celerway routers, with an option to acquire 20 additional routers